Super Street Stock Truck Rules


    1. D.O.T. Helmet, seatbelt, fire extinguisher, steel bell housing, or automatic transmission requires 360 degree SFI
      approved blanket and flex plate, minimum of 2 drive shaft loops and covers over all U joints, fire suit, kill switch,
      reverse lights, working brake system. ALL GLASS MUST BE OEM SAFETY GLASS.
    2. Engine must match make of vehicle.
    3. 496 C.I. Max, Cast Block, Cast Iron Heads.
    4. Single Carb.
    5. Exhaust must exit downward.
    6. Max tire size 33-12.50-16.5 or 305-70-16 or equivalent.
    7. Must be D.O.T. approved with NO tread modifications, NO DUAL WHEELS.
    8. 26” hitch height rigid in all directions. 3 x 3.5 x ¾ minimum hitch eye.
    9. Stock wheel base- NO 4 door trucks.
    10. Stock body, NO fiberglass or gutted beds.
    11. Hood and Grill must be in place.
    12. Stock transmission and transfer case.
    13. No larger than Dana 60 front axle and Dana 80 rear axle.
    14. Blocked rear-ends are allowed.
    15. NO visible weights beyond factory bumper in factory position.
    16. Push bars are allowed with NO MORE than 3 tubes 3 ½ “diameter, NO wider than the frame.
    17. ALL weights must be securely fastened.
    18. NO weights in cab.
    19. ALL trucks Maximum weight will NOT exceed .01% over 6200lbs.
    20. Multiple carburetors, aluminum heads, nitrous oxide, super chargers, alcohol fuel, E85 fuel, Hemi cylinder heads, fuel injection of any type, and dry sump oiling systems, sheet metal intakes, are modifications that are NOT allowed.
    21. Truck rules are locked in for 1 year.