General Rules


  1. Membership is mandatory. Yearly membership is $75 for the vehicle and $25 for EACH driver. One day membership will be $25, after that you must pay remaining $75.
  2. Must be a paid member to vote.
  3. Drivers under age 18 must have written parental consent (signed form good for 1 season) and be able to demonstrate control of their tractor (steering, clutch, stopping and backing).
  4. Vehicles in all classes will have to pass a tech committee inspection. A Sticker will be provided for each vehicle passing tech inspection. Must have sticker displayed to pull. The sticker will be good for one season, but the vehicle may still be subject to inspection if protested.
  5. The official pull measurement will be taken from the sled’s reading. The cones at the end of the track are for reference purposes only.
  6. If any contact point of the vehicle touches or crosses the out of bounds line, the pull will be disqualified. The out of bounds line will be marked from the start line to the full pull line.
  7. Exhaust pipes MUST be straight up and down. NO CURVED PIPES and NO RAINCAPS.
  8. Drivers must stay in the seat of the vehicle at all times while hooked to the sled. One hand must be on the steering wheel, hand clutch, hand brake, or throttle at all times during the pull.
  9. Any vehicle or puller found to be unsafe or illegal may be disqualified or barred from hooking. This includes excessive use of alcohol.
  10. Any weight or external part falling off the vehicle and touch the ground after being hooked to the sled and until unhooked will result in disqualification.
  11. Diesel, gas and LP fuels only. Gas can be used with a max specific gravity of 750. NO alcohol or nitrous oxide allowed. All vehicles will be subject to random fuel check.
  12. All seats must be stationary side to side.
  13. All rules will be interpreted by the MFP Board. Any unforeseen problems or oversights will be ruled on by the rules committee with their findings being final.
  14. Protest must be made by a puller in that class. A protest must be made to a track official before the start of the next class. The protesters vehicle will also be checked. Any vehicle found to be illegal will forfeit all winnings and points for the first offense. If found illegal again for the offense, the vehicle, driver and owner will be banished from all MFP pulls for 1 year and 1day from the date of infraction.
  15. No entry for a class after that class has started, and no more than 2 classes per vehicle.
  16. 5 MPH speed limit in pit/scale area as well as entering and exiting the track. This includes 4-wheelers/support vehicles. Anyone observed violating this rule will be asked to leave.
  17. Officials have the right to re-weigh or re-tech and vehicle any time after they have pulled.
  18. All engine fans must be shrouded with factory shroud or minimum of 1/16” thick steel.
  19. No weights permitted on seat or deck, this includes cabs.
  20. All vehicles must be equipped with working brakes.
  21. Contestant has 100’ to the front of the Sled to decide on change of gear, one restart per class. No restart permitted in a pull off
  22. Driver must be in total control of vehicle at all times while pulling and operate in a safe manner or be disqualified at the discretion of the flag person.
  23. Vehicle must be stopped upon signal from track official. Pull is considered over when forward motion of the sled stops. NO hole digging allowed.
  24. All vehicles must be in neutral with hands/feet off throttle while hooking/unhooking from sled.
  25. There will be NO OPTION PULLS.
  26. Each puller may spot the sled for their pull. Must do so before the sled is backed into the start position.
  27. All contestants must pull in position drawn within 2 minutes of sled spotting or will be disqualified. Track officials must be notified of any delays, and then the contestant may become the last puller in the class.
  28. All pulls must start with a tight chain, NO JERKING.
  29. Any exhibition pull must be made at the end of the night after all sanctioned classes have pulled. Must have sled operator and MFP Board’s approval.
  30. 100lb weight tolerance will be allowed in all classes EXCLUDING trucks.
  31. Trucks will be allowed .5% over 6200lbs.
  32. 300ft flagger is the track official.
  33. If the Tractor or Truck doesn’t come to a stop when the red flag is issued then the Tractor or Truck forfeits the points of that hook and pays the association a $100 fine before the Tractor or Truck can hook again.
  34. 60% of the events must have an entry in the class to become a points class.
  35. A vehicle must hook 60% of the scheduled events in order for the class to become a points class champion.



Tire Size Chart

Tire sizes taken from the Firestone Super All-Traction 23 chart (bias ply)

And Firestone Radial All Traction 23 chart (radial)

Tire Size



(sq. inches)

Tire Size



(sq. inches)